Out of the Ivory Tower - Training for science and for spinnig of

DIRNANO is not just doing science; being a MSCA-ITN ETN project it will realize a thorough training program.  Recruited Early Stage Researchers will receive an ample scientific and academic education but also business, ethical, leadership, team-work, communication and social transferable skills.

The DIRNANO’s core-scientific training is focused on gross structure- activity profiling, integrating interfacial and chemical sciences with systems immunology for mapping of dynamic host and interfacial factors that regulate NP performance.

This approach will lead to rational engineering of libraries of on-demand NPs with tunable immune modulating functions (exemplified in the pictogram).

Moreover, the combinatorial analysis of NP core-coat scaffold will improve our temporal and spatial understanding of biomaterial-innate immune interactions at a deeper molecular level, and potentially fill the void in overcoming adverse injection reactions to nanopharmaceuticals in sensitive individuals.

The program provides an integrated and highly interdisciplinary approach for academic and regulatory/business training of next-generation European Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) having a broader cutting-edge knowledge in translational nanomedicine bioengineering.

ESRs will master immune safe-by-design and pharmaceutically viable smart-by-design approaches to lead the development of the future nanopharmaceuticals through a low-risk-high gain perspective.

All-in-all, DIRNANO generates a unique pan-European macro-environment for integrated, advanced and accelerated training and circulation of ESRs through open innovation and outreach activities at the highest international level, thereby contributing to the European socioeconomics and education values, skill retention and brain-gain


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 956544
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